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One Third Of Farm Animal Breeds Face Extinction

Mad Cow Cases In Europe-A Country-By-Country Breakdown

New Fears Mad Cow And CJD May Be Spread By Pork, Lamb, And Poultry

Mad Cow - CJD Species-Jumping Revelation Confirms Worst Fears

Mad Cow Scare Spreading Beyond Europe

Britain Under Attack From 'Super Rats'

Kissing Spreads Cancer-Related Herpes Virus

Another New Virus Emerges

Toxic Chemicals Destroying Groundwater The World Over

Recent Earth Conference Failure - Is It Too Late Already?

Global Warming Will Bankrupt The World By 2065

Huge Amounts Of Radioactivity Flowing Into Two Russian Rivers

Thousands evacuated as UK flood waters rise

Europe on alert for more bad weather

Report strengthens link between pollution, global warming

Aggressive climate change policy urged

Climate change impact across the United States

New study finds warming trend in oceans

British Illegal Chemical Warfare Tests On 23,000 Civilians Investigated

A Short History Of Secret US Human Biological Experimentation

Fluoride, Teeth, and the Atomic Bomb

Human Radiation Experiments

Patients Died In Germ Warfare Tests
Exclusive By Alun Rees and Cyril Dixon
The Daily Express (London)

Brain Controlled Switches Coming

Cloning And More On Plum Island

Russian Families Sell Their Children to Organ Traders
By Mark Franchetti in Ryazan

Parents demand inquiry into child organs scandal
By Jenny Booth

Harvesting Babies In Latin America - Most Doctors Don't Even Know
Source: Channel Two (FOX) San Francisco

Anthropologists In Uproar Over Yanomami Charges

South American Indians Said Slaughtered By US Geneticist - New Book
Paul Brown - Environment correspondent
The Guardian (London)

AEC Said Involved In  Eugenics Experiments - "Darkness In El Dorado" 9-18-00
  To: Louise Lamphere ( President, American Anthropological Association   Don Brenneis ( President -elect, American Anthropological Association     From: Terry Turner Professor of Anthropology, Cornell University (Head of the Special Commission of the American Anthropological Association to Investigate the Situation of the Brazilian Yanomami, 1990-91)   Leslie Sponsel Professor of Anthropology at the University of Hawaii, Manoa (Chair of the AAA Committee for Human Rights 1992-1996)     Re: Scandal about to be caused by publication of book By Patrick Tierney: 'Darkness in El Dorado' New York, Norton. Publication date: October 1, 2000

Patent Allows Creation Of Man-Animal Hybrid
By Antony Barnett - Public Affairs Editor

Update On The Genetic
Engineering Experiments
On Animals

El Boletín Transgénico

Emerging Fungal/Mold Diseases -
Resistant, Resilient, And Not So Rare
Infectious Diseases Conference Summaries
38th Annual Meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America

Why We'll Probably Be Too Late to Save the Planet
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